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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Team Night

Play different games that must use all team mates to do.

-Obstacle course
-Relay Race
-Blind maze (some blindfolded team mates- other team mates are guides)
-Make dessert each person in team has 1 or 2 ingredients -- Can't make correct dessert without all the ingredients and working together to make it.

Have fun learning strategies to complete each task . Learn importance of each person. Find that each person has a strength.

At end of game night have fun snacks. or if you did dessert challenge eat the desserts.

Dice Game Night

There are a lot of fun games that include dice.

Here are some Math Games to do with giant dice to help kids get excited about math.

--You can even make giant dice with throw away coolers or taped boxes.

Can be one player or have two kids or teams compete to get the answer

( For teams if they answer correctly they receive a  point if they answer incorrectly the other team can answer it)

-- Roll both dices and have kids add it.

--Have an alligator symbol or for extra fun a toy alligator
--Roll both dice have the child put the toy or symbol on the dice that has more

--Roll both dice have the children subtract the small number from the big number. (k-3 grades)
--same have them answer both ways adding the negative symbol (3-5)

-- Roll both dice and multiply

-- Roll both dice divide big number first (2-3)
-- same but have them do both sides (4-5)

*Middle and Highschool

--Have 4 or 6 # dice
-- Have symbol dice
-- Roll all and set up an equation and solve

*EXTRA after math games
-play a fun dice game -- monopoly, sorry, etc
-Have activities to do written on slips of paper in a list roll # and choose the activity that matches the number -- Young kids it can be do jumping jacks, touch your toes, get a piece of candy.
For teens, get snacks, play wii, ipod music, etc

Garden Party

Make sure people wear clothes they can get dirty in.

Make the world a more beautiful place.Plant flowers either in the Ground or in a Pot for your home.

 -Ask Library or church if there is a plot of ground that you can plant items.
-Or plant food items at your own home in a plot of ground your parents approved.

-Have fun decorate clay pots
-Plant small flowers (Forget me nots, daisies etc)

- Cup of dirt
-- Chocolate pudding with smashed chocolate Oreos and gummy worms in a cup.
--For extra fun add candy flowers or other candy bugs.

-After planting your flowers or food items watch the movie "The Secret Garden"

-You could also do a lesson on "plant it and it shall grow" what you can do to make faith, idea, friendship etc grow.Need to Plant it (start it)  Nurture it, give it light, feed it etc.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Know What I Am Going to Do To Serve The Lord Today

Phineas And Ferb YSA Conference OR YC


- I know what were going to do today
--What will you do each day?
-- Read Scriptures, Prayer, Study
-- Be a friend and an Example of The Believers

-Agent Ps ( Not Perry)
-- P's that help us in our Lives. Maybe even secretly
--Parents= Teach and guide us. Secretly help our lives
--Priesthood= Helps us and blesses us
--Personal Progress = Helps YW grow, Young Men encourage Young Women to Complete their Personal Progress

-- Don't waste time busting family
-- BUST Satan!!!
-- If a friend is sinning or having a hard don't "bust" them but help them meet with their parents or bishop.

--Each day build people up
-- Make goals
--You don't have to make giant crazy things to have a good successful day. Just build people up and grow in the gospel.
-- Build your testimony each day

-"What Ya Doing?"
-- Reading My Scriptures
--Saying my prayers
-- Being Charitable etc

-"Yes Yes I am"
-- Are you Mormon?
-- Are you only allowed to date at 16?
-- Are you supposed to go to church on Sundays?
-- ETC when people ask who you are tell them be proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Just like Phineas and Ferb are proud to be young and doing amazing things.

-Build for a service project
-Have an Agent P Lunch= All the food starts with P -- Pizza, Pineapple, Pie, Pickles, Punch(fruit) etc

-Use fun adapted ideas to work in real life from the tv show
-- Concert
--Dance etc

Have Fun

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writers Night

Have A Publisher Come In and Teach What Makes A Book Worth Publishing. Also Have An Editor Come In and Teach How to Edit Own Work and Others. 

-Have people bring in their writings 
-Have friends read and slightly edit them 
-Have an open Discussion 

-Have people bring snacks 
-Provide drinks and paper products 

Back To School Party

Have one last party before school starts !!

Can do this for Summer or After Winter Break

-Have music 
-Have people bring favorite snacks 

-Have a table to make back to school kits and crafts (Supply items , If you need to ask adults to donate) 

---Duct tape wallets
---Art box 

-Survival kit bag ( pencil bag or make up pouch work well) 
-Decorate bag with permanent markers
-Add these following items 
---Life Savers 
---Lip Gloss or Chap Stick 
---Pocket Germ X
---Mini Lotion
---Mini Floss


Flip Flop Decorating

There are many ways to give your flip flops a make over

-Have people bring their own flip flops- You can also have dollar store flip flops to sell for $2 

-Have people donate the following (Have a donation box, collect for 2 weeks) 
--Fuzzy Yarn
--Plastic flowers of different sizes
--Fuzzy craft pom pom balls 
--Puff Paint 

-Have people make their flip flops UNIQUE 

- Fabric flip flops
--Cut fabric into 6 inch long strips  need same amount for each flip flop 
-- The wider the fabric the fluffier the flip flop looks 
--Tie the fabric with a double knot with fray on top 
--After all straps are covered fluff up fabric and wear 

-Fuzzy yarn - Turn flip flops into slippers
-- Use door to measure yarn want yarn to be as tall as door
-- Cut 
--Then tie one end to toe part of flip flop. 
-- Wrap the yarn continually around one strap then tie at end
-- Do the same with all four straps
-- fluff up yarn and wear your cute new slippers

-Plastic Flowers 
--For big flowers hot glue matching flowers to the top of the toe piece on each flip flop  
--For small flowers you can make a cute pattern or a crazy design all along the straps. 

-Fuzzy craft pompom balls
--Make fuzzy slippers by hot gluing or craft gluing pompoms all along the straps 

-Puff Paint
--Make fun designs on strap 
-- For a fun tickly sensation on your feet do big and small dots on where your foot goes

For all wet projects make sure everything completely dries before wearing flip flops. 

Hawaii Night

-Fake Tiki Torches
-Hawaii stuff

-Hawaiian Hay Stacks
-Coconut drink
-Fruit punch

-When people walk in have them receive a lei
-Hula dance class

** For extra fun ask people to wear Hawaiian Shirts.

Around The World

-Cultural Items 
--Chinese Lanterns

-Have people bring their favorite 
Non American food 
Have them bring 
-- Italian etc

*Have tables set up like a dinner theater 

-Watch Around The World In 80 Days (with Jackie Chan) 

Duct Tape Night

-Have food set up,
-- Ask people to bring favorite snacks.
-- Have drinks and paper products provided. 

-Have Craft tables set up

-Have people donate duct tape
--Have 2-3 weeks to collect (have a box for donations) 

-Have stations 
--At each table have person or instruction papers of how to make wallets, bracelets etc out of duct tape. 

--Turn this event into a fundraiser by asking people to pay $1 for each craft 
--And have plain duct tape- 
people can buy 
1 strip for a $1 each 
to duct tape a person to the wall.
--Bishop or Youth Group Leader
--Principal or Coach 

Just Dance Party

-Have people bring their favorite snacks. 

-Have table set up for food 

-Play Just Dance 1-3 if available and any other Wii Dance Games. 
Or XBox music games. 

-Even play twister or have dance challenge of your own. 

-Can do this as a hang out or party at Library Or Church. 

*** For extra fun have cool lights and loud speakers. 

Retro Pen Pals

-Have fun doing Snail Mail with another 

Library Teen Group, Youth Group, or High School Club. 

-Collect names from other group and put them in a bowl then have each person from your group pick a name. That is their new pen pal. 

-Have fun stationary items donated
--Colorful envelopes
--Crazy paper
--Ink Stamps
-Make sure you have plenty of postage stamps as well. Have some people donate those as well. 

-Write the first letters all together. 
-Have the mailing and return addresses be of the Library, Church Building, or High-school. 

-To make it even more fun when you receive your return letter become Facebook friends with your pen pal. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Closet Swap and Donation

Do in November right before Thanksgiving
Fun free activity to do with church or library or other group :)

Tell people of Activity in October. Ask people to go through closets and gather items they no longer uuse. Clothes , shoes, accessories Anything

Have at a library or church.

Have tables set up with labels
-Jr. Women
-Jr. Men

Provide Walmart or other plastic bags 

Have people "shop" (pick items.)

Have any extra items donated to a shelter.
 (Have a big box for donation only items 
such as new toys, canned food,
 gift cards etc) 

Helps people get ready for Christmas by making more room in their house and get gifts for free :)

Also really nice for the shelter receiving toys etc. 

Sweet Tooth and A Movie

Desserts and A Movie 

Have People Bring Enough to share of their favorite 
--Movie Snack 
-- Or Dessert (Or all 5if they really want to) 

Set up tables for people to put up yummy items

Set up projector movie or movie on your normal tv 

Watch a movie and eat all the fun things that everyone brought. 

Make sure to brush your teeth when you get home LOL :) 

Krazy Karnival

If you are bored in the summer do this activity to go out of your comfort zone and kick boredom IN the Butt!

Have fun stations and games set up all along your yard or another approved area 



*Toe Painting
--Paint a master piece on a poster on the ground only using your toes 

*Pie eating 
-Get hands tied behind back 
--You and others race to see who can empty the pie tin full of whip cream first 
--Whoever wins gets a small prize (candy or something) 

*Obstacle course balloon race 
-Choose a partner
-Have to hold a balloon between each other with hands behind your back 
-Go through the course 
-What ever team finishes course first wins a candy bar for each 

*Blind folded make overs 
--Choose a partner 
--Then receive a blindfold and a make up kit 
--Have assistant blindfold you and your partner
-- Then create a master piece on your partners face 
--Keep make up for the fashion show 

--Crazy Hair and Clothes fashion SHOW 
---Get hair done up 
---Choose clothes from a basket of weird clothing Articles
---Line up for the fashion show
---Have weird music playing while everyone struts their stuff 
---Whoever looks the weirdest wins a prize


Mom and Daughter Beauty Day Inside and Out

Have moms and their daughters come for a nice lunch or Dinner

-Then have lessons about inner beauty. 
-How are you and your mom similar ? Personality talents
-What personality do you have?
-What makes you beautiful? Talents, faith etc 

Outer beauty activities 
- Have hair stations
-- Up dos 
-- Fun clips for little girls 

-Have spa stations 
--Face masks

-Have make up station 
--Have tables set up by Age 
--- Teens 
--- Adults 
--Have each station show make up techniques appropriate for that age. 

-Have a craft station
--Make Bracelets 
--Decorate Small frames
-- Decorate photo book 
-- etc 

-Have a photo booth 
--Have fun accessories like boas, funny sunglasses, wigs etc 
-- For extra fun have Polaroid cameras so it can be developed right then 
--If Polaroid is not available get the pictures developed at walmart 

-Have another short activity a week after for people to get their developed pictures and have light snacks 

-To have a really fun memory have someone that's
 part of the planning committee to be the 
"Camera Girl." Have her take videos and pictures during the activity. Then have her edit and make a movie and slide show. Show the movie at the second activity. 

Grow Night

Do each activity for 30 minutes

--Work Out 


--Get to know you games 

--Scripture Study
--Testimony Meeting (Do this for one hour) 

Dollar Store Game

Have each team have $5 

Go to Dollar Store 

-Each team buy 2 Snacks and 3 items to use at party 

-Go back to house, church or Library 

-Eat snacks

-Use fun silly things from dollar store for activities
Examples of what to buy
--cheesy movies


Blanket and A Movie

-Have fabric donated 

-Cut and make tie blankets 

-Watch a movie while you do this 

-Either donate blankets to shelter or New moms or family 

Pick Me Up Jar

-Have people bring jars

-Decorate them with 
--Modge podge
--Permanent markers

-Have fun colored papers and pens to make it cute

-Have each person write 3 or more nice things about each person at activity 

-Put papers in their jars 

-People take home jars 

-When they have a bad day the can read a paper from their 

Paint A Giant Poster

-Make sure you wear clothes you dont care about 

-Have a giant poster or art paper roll 

-Put art supplies and poster on floor 

- Use feet, hands, toes, fingers even elbows to create a masterpiece 

(Fun date) For extra fun use hose to spray everyone clean 

Karaoke Night

-Set up Church Gym or Dinning room to look like a Japanese Karaoke Cafe 
-Eat Asian food for dinner
- Have people do karaoke 

Team Cooking Night

Separate into 4 Teams do this two weeks before event

A) Set up tables and Bring  Bread

B) Soup and Salad

C) Main Dish and Conduct event

D) Bring Dessert and Clean up 

-Teach about etiquette and team work 

Have a fun evening eating together. 

-For extra fun have outside judges
 decide what team worked together the best. 

Mulan Camp

"Duty To Our Hearts and God"

Level themes and Colors

1) Crickey - Purple
2) Dragon - Orange
3) Mulan - Red
4) 3 Warriors - Blue
YCL Horse- Black

Leaders - Emperor- White

- Mirror with quote
-Chinese Flower Hair Clips

-Obstacle Course
-China Make up
-Thai Chi

-The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all (trials make us strong)

-Learn about your ancestors - Family History

- Reflection song
--Act like Christ and you will see the spirit and light inside

-Lesson #1 -
--Balance in Life
--Hard and Soft
--Strong and Kind

- Be a girl worth fighting for
--Worthy to go to Temple

- Duty to your heart
--Follow inspiration
--Seat goals for dreams

- Pole scene "How to reach the arrow" "need discipline and strength"
--Need both to reach top
--need these to reach our goals

-"Please bring Honor To us All"
-- How can you give your family honor?
-- Righteous living
-- Do people know you are a Mormon? Bring honor to your church.
-- Bring Honor to Family, Church but most importantly Your God.

Kungfu Panda Day

- pool noodle fight 
-Obstacle Course 
-Dance Lesson (teach line dance to the song "Kungfu Fighting") 

*Service Project
-make tie blankets for orphanage or shelter

-Noodle soup 
-Fortune Cookies
-Bean Buns
-Other Chinese food

(fun for a date) 

To use for a YSA activity or part of Youth Conference add the following lesson Ideas 

-"What are your dreams?"

-"There are no accidents" God Blesses our lives in interesting ways

-" Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery today is a gift that is why it is called the present"
-- Family History or Journal writing
-- Setting Goals for future
--Using the "Now" wisely-- time management 

ABC Hunt at Mall or Walmart

Fun for date or Activity or hang out

-Have 2 Teams

-One team starts at A other team starts at Z

-Each team takes picture of item that starts with each letter of the alphabet

-Each team has to follow order

-Load pictures to computer at end or if each team has an iPhone have an outside judge choose winner. What ever team wins they receive small snack, candy or prize.

Mall Hunt

Fun date or hang out or activity

-Have 4 teams and 4 separate lists

-Take pictures of items and challenges here are some examples
--team in front of mall
--guys holding girls newly wed style
--food court workers (ChickFila or Chinese food etc)
--Elderly couple kissing
--Hand stand
--Kiosk people
--Girls pick nice outfits for guys to try on and then take picture
--Guys pick modest outfits for girls to try on and then take picture

After done with hunt go eat in food court then go to someones house to load up pics and have an outside judge decide what team wins hunt.

Starlight Date or Hang Out

-Have a picnic with flashlights and glow sticks

-Play flash light tag

-Play star tripping
-- Have one person be the "Lighter" Person who holds flash light
-- Have everyone else look into sky and stare at one star and spin
-- Lighter then shines flashlight up then down really fast
-- Spinners see who can stand the longest ( Having light shined at you after looking at stars makes it feel like sky is on the ground)

--Who ever stands the longest wins and becomes the Lighter
--You can also do partner spinning. Each partner holds each others elbows. This can help steady each other and is really funny to watch.

-Have a find the constellation challenge

-Make funny shadows.

-Share scary stories.

-End by going to late ice cream at McDonald's


Make a cute card with this acronym


R.S.V.P Hand out

Make an Invite Card to the Scriptures

Who- You and the Spirit

What- Inspiration and answers awaiting in scriptures

When- Every day for at least 10 min

Where- A quiet place - with your scriptures

Why- To learn, grow, enlighten life and to like unto yourself.


Chocolate Kiss hand outs

-"Save your KISSES  for the right time." (add a candy watch) use with lesson about dating or chastity

-"Don't give your KISSES to  Frogs and Toads  wait for a True Prince (Priesthood Holder) and then you will have a real Happily Ever After.  (add toy frogs, a crown sticker or toy, and a picture of the temple) Use for a lesson about temple marriage.

-"You are never too old for KISSES  from your mom. Let her know you love her. (use for a lesson about mothers or family love or forever family or serving mothers)

Church magnets

Items Needed

-Flat craft stones
-Small Church magazine pictures
-Modge podge
-Sponge Paint Brush
-Small circle magnets
-Hot Glue
-Blow dryer to make drying faster (optional)

To Do

- Modge podge pictures to stones (picture face to round part
-Let dry (use dryer on cold to make process faster)
-Hot glue circle magnets to back of stone
-Picture should be able to be seen through stone
-Use in church class rooms or have people take them home.

Becoming a Warrior or Master

Girls Camp
Idea from the movies Kungfu Panda 1 and 2

Level Themes and Colors
-1)Mantis-- Smallest -Green
-2)Viper-- Kind-- Pink
-3)Monkey-- Fun -- Yellow and Orange
-4) Tigress-- Strong --Red
YCL-- Crane -Fly/ Serve
Leaders-- Master Shifu Blue

-Obstacle course
-Thai chi 
-Chinese Dinner
-face Paint 

* Crafts 
-Decorate sun lanterns
-Yin Yang Bracelets
-Chinese paintings 

- Find inner peace
-Weak things become strength 

-Peach Tree
--Daughter of God 
--People might try to change or control you but you will always be a daughter of God. 

-What are your dreams?

-"You might not have a good beginning story but you are who you choose to be"

-"There are no Accidents"- God blesses our lives in interesting ways

-"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a gift that is why it is called the Present"
--Family History 
--Setting Goals
--Using the "Now"Wisely 

-One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it 
--Don't avoid promptings- Listen and Act 

-"There is No Secret Ingredient, To make something special you just need to believe it is special"
--Individual worth 

Photo Journals

Fun craft 

-Buy 2 pocket photo books from dollar store or other craft store 

-Modge podge or paint and decorate  covers (optional)

-Have each person bring 5 photos 

-Bring fun colored index cards

-have cool markers etc 

-Have people write a quick story about each photo on an index card

-Put photo and card on same page, one on top one on bottom 

-Add stickers (optional) 

(This can be fun to do after a date and use the date photos) 

Family letter Night

-Have the ward provide stamps
-Have people donate 
--cute paper
--colorful pens
--colorful envelopes

-Write fun letters to 
--Grand Parents
--Cousins etc 

-Then send the letters
-Or give them to people if they are in the home 

Missionary Letter Night

-Have everyone write letters
-have people donate small gifts and candy 
-Put letters and small gifts in boxes
-Send the packages to missionaries serving from your ward. 

Life Is A Highway YSA or Youth Conference

-anything cars (pixar cars balloons etc)
-Road Signs with Scripture/Spiritual things
-Maps with spiritual city names and temples

-Fast food
-Rocky Road Ice Cream
-"Cups of Road"
--chocolate pudding
--with crushed chocolate Oreos
--Chocolate chips
--yellow sprinkles
--and cars gummies

-Snacks with Highway names
-Sandwiches cut in shape of cars (use cookie cutters)

-Scriptures- are like road signs - Signs and Warnings
-GPS - Guiding, Prompting, Spirit, (Holy  Ghost)
-Parts of a Car
--Wipers-Keep negative things out of sight and mind
--Lights - Be a light to guide
--Rear view mirror - Family History
--Locks - Keep the world out
--Spare tire - Be prepared , Food storage, family emergency etc

-Bumps in the road= Trials, may slow us down, make it hard to drive, but yolu can keep going
-Tickets,= Consequences
-Speed limits/ Guard Rails= Standards that if followed keep you safe.

The Heavenly Network

YSA conference or Youth Conference
Theme "The Heavenly Network" from the Social Network

-App posters (make posters look like app Icons)
-Fake iPad and iPhone etc

-Screen your screen time (New Era article)
- Virtual VS Reality (General Conference Talk)
-Apps = Application does not work unless you use it and apply it
             --Prayer -- Scripture -- Church etc

-Screen time vs Scripture time- (John Bytheway Challenge to turn off tv for an entire month)

-GPS App= Guiding Prompting Spirit- You only know where to go if you listen to the promptings

-"Friends" VS True Friends -- Have more reality friends than people you talk to online

-Use internet to serve - Indexing (Talk by David A Bednar)

-Use network to share gospel (Facebook mormon.org etc)

*Service Project
-Make "Busy Bags"
--donate canvas bags
--fill with coloring books, crayons, picture books and other quiet activities
--Donate them to the missionaries to give to new member families that have young children

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Super Scripture Saturday

-Great for YSA or Ward Activity 
-Purpose is to read (not deeply study) the entire Book of Mormon from Start To Finish 
in one day 
-Bring comfy blanket and or chair to read in 

-Before activity have people sign up to bring food items for 
         -- Brunch
        -- Dinner
 (crock pot soups or meals, have it made but not totally cooked can cook while everyone reads, also bring extension cord so more people can cook at the same time) 
        -- Snacks 
       -- Extra drinks 

-Have everyone bring their own sack lunch. Provide coolers for people to put lunches in. 

-Have branch or Ward provide some drinks and paper supplies. 

-Have activity on a Saturday from 9am-11pm - (if you want you could start earlier but if you have this at a ward building you need to be out before midnight.) 

-Example Schedule 

9am - Welcome, Song, Opening Prayer, Explanation of activity and brunch
                      --Brunch= Doughnuts, fruit, breakfast wraps, milk and OJ etc 

10am-12pm Pray then READ 

12pm Pray on Lunch - Have picnic outside (if weather permits) and eat sack lunches. Have people who are doing crock-pot to have them start warming the food. 

1pm-5:30pm  Sing song to get back into spirit then READ 

5:40pm Set up dinner 

6pm DINNER - Line of crock pot meals. 

7pm Clean up everything but blankets and scriptures 

8pm-11pm Sing song to get into spirit READ 

11pm-11:30pm Clean last bit of items, pack up, Testimony by bishop or Branch Pres, Closing song and prayer. 

If you do this activity please share how it was.