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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starlight Date or Hang Out

-Have a picnic with flashlights and glow sticks

-Play flash light tag

-Play star tripping
-- Have one person be the "Lighter" Person who holds flash light
-- Have everyone else look into sky and stare at one star and spin
-- Lighter then shines flashlight up then down really fast
-- Spinners see who can stand the longest ( Having light shined at you after looking at stars makes it feel like sky is on the ground)

--Who ever stands the longest wins and becomes the Lighter
--You can also do partner spinning. Each partner holds each others elbows. This can help steady each other and is really funny to watch.

-Have a find the constellation challenge

-Make funny shadows.

-Share scary stories.

-End by going to late ice cream at McDonald's

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