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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Temple Marriage Lesson Night

-Have people bring snacks

-Have 5-7 married (for 2 or more years) couples bring pictures of the Temple.

-Have each couple tell how the met and the proposal story

-Have a question panel - (a week before the activity have people write down questions and put them in a box. Then at activity have couples pick out questions and answer-- Make sure you approve that they are appropriate.)

-Teach about how to prepare to be worthy to Enter the Temple

-Talk about how to be happy by saving yourself for your spouse. The best wedding gift you can give is a pure or repented self.


- For a great handout get pass along cards with pictures of the temple

-- Have the couples go home and then have people write personal letters one to themselves and one to their future spouse. Put in envelopes and write "Do Not Open Until Wedding Day"

Prayer Pillow

Either sew or provide pillowcases ( You can find some at a dollarstore dont spend too much $) 

-Have people paint with fabric paint "PRAYER"on their pillow. 

-Have them add a Scripture about Prayer 

-Add Name on inside. 

Let dry at next activity have a lesson on the importance of Prayer and then have people collect their now dry pillow cases. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Music Video

-Make a music OR Other  video

-Get together and choose a song and make a story and an outline for the video

-Shoot the scenes

-Then have someone edit it

-Then come together for another activity with snacks and watch the video on a projector screen.


--If you have a big group split into groups and make multiple videos then do a Film Festival and bring in "Judges" and have prices for Videos

--Best edit
-- Best Song
--Best Overall etc

-At the festival have people bring fave snacks or desserts
-Provide paper products and drinks

Be A Tourist in your Own City

Take A Tour In Your Home Town 

-Get a coupon book or travel broucher for your own city. 

-Pretend you are a tourist and discover new fun things to do all in your own town or city. 

-If you live in a really small town go to the city next to you. 


For some silly fun dress like tacky tourist and have throw away cameras :)
 (for extra challenge fake an accent) 

Spiritual Hike

-Ask people to bring their scriptures and a Sack Lunch

-Go hiking together.

-Have cooler full of peoples sack lunches.

-Once you get to a nice spot have a song , prayer and short lesson.

-Then have people go off to read their scriptures and pray privately for 30min

-Then come back together and have a quiet lunch and more Hymns

-Keep the feeling of the Spirit and truly feel the beauty of the Earth Heavenly Father Created for us.

Candle Night

-Have people bring snacks and or drinks 

-Make candles together and either keep them to add to your emergency kit or give them to Homeless Shelter or As Christmas Gifts 
( go to CANDLE MAKING  for help ) 

--Watch the show Candle Shoe (nothing about candles but its a fun old movie) Or any other movie while you wait for the candles to dry 

Fast Food Progressive Dinner

Get together and have a progressive Fast Food Dinner 

Go to a different fast food place for each of the following 

-Large Drinks

-Snack (nachos or onion rings etc) 

-Main dish (burger and fries or chicken sandwich etc) 



If this is a group date switch dates at each restaurant so each people can get to know each other 

Spa Slumber Party


-Have girls bring their pjs, and a cute outfit and some fun snacks 

-Do before and after pictures 

--Get all "gross" -Crazy hair, fake unibrows, crazy glasses and take "before" pictures 

--Then Get all beautiful do spa stuff , manicure and mask
 (if anyone wants do eye brow waxing) 
then do hair and make up. Have girls bring really cute outfits and do an "after" Photo Shoot. 

-Then wash off make up and get into pjs and take funny pj pictures

-Get snacks out and eat them while you watch a fun chick flick together 

Spiritual Spa


-Have a spa for Body and Soul 

-Have lessons on 
-- Hair 
-- Make up 
-- Body types and Cute Modest Clothes 
-- Being kind 
-- Who you truly are "Daughter of God"
-- You are beautiful 
-- Each person is individual and has talents that will bless peoples life's 

Read and use this quote for a Hand out 
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; For Beautiful lips, speak only words of Kindness; and for poise , walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." Audrey Hepburn

Add a small make up kit with eye-shadow, lip-gloss, fancy soap, bubble bath, travel size body lotion, a loofah, nail file, glittery nail polish and small wrapped chocolates.


-For extra fun do manicures, masks, Hair and Make up 

FOR Some silly fun do before and after pictures 
--Get all "gross" -Crazy hair, fake unibrows, crazy glasses and take "before" pictures 

--Then Get all beautiful do spa stuff , manicure and mask (if anyone wants do eye brow waxing) 

then do hair and make up. Have girls bring really cute outfits and do an "after" Photo Shoot. 

Christmas Lights and Cocoa

Have fun with Christmas 

-Go somewhere in your City that has beautiful Christmas Lights 

-Then get some hot Cocoa from a Cafe 

-Or Go to someones house and make your own Hot Cocoa  


-For extra fun go to someones house and make cookies together and watch a Christmas movie

-You could also make cookies and Go Christmas Caroling and deliver the cookies together. 

"Life" Our Time on Stage (Girls Camp)

Theme: "Life": Our time on stage 

Level themes
-Have leaders pick characters or titles from broadway shows for each level 


--Use this quote to start out 
"From the limited perspective of those who do not have knowledge, understanding, or faith in the Father’s plan—who look at the world only through the lens of mortality with its wars, violence, disease, and evil—this life can seem depressing, chaotic, unfair, and meaningless. Church leaders have compared this perspective with someone walking into the middle of a three-act play.3 Those without knowledge of the Father’s plan do not understand what happened in the first act, or the 
pre-mortal existence, and the purposes established there; nor do they understand the clarification and resolution that come in the third act, which is the glorious fulfillment of the Father’s plan."

The Songs they could not sing Quentin L Cook 

-Who is your audience
--everyone is watching
--who is cheering you on (Friends,other church members) 
-- Who is supporting you from the wings 
(Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Parents and Teachers. ) 

--Carrying the banner
--We carry our values
---- Craft make a Banner that has all the Value Colors 

Standing for 
Integrity and 
Kindness for 

Stand for
Truth and 
In company of 
Kindred or
(Be true at all times ) 

"Wicked"Ness Never was happiness
--How to be truly happy 
-- Find support in friends
-- Changed for good

"Into the woods "
--Have to face challenges 
--Stay on the path 
--"Excited and scared" (Sins might look exciting but they will always leave you sad) 

"Pride and Prejudice" 
-- How to not be prideful or judgmental 

"Fiddler on The Roof"
-- Tradition ! - What in the gospel never changes ?
-- Do family history work. 

"Mary Poppins"
--Spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down 
(Find blessings during trials) 

--"Love to laugh"- What brings joy into your life 

"Guys and Dolls"
--Sit Down your Rocking the Boat!" ( Keep the standards don't rock the boat) 

** Auditions 
-Our auditions were in the premortal. we proved ourselves worthy to "Act" in "Life" because we chose Heavenly Fathers Plan 

-- We do not live on a broad way we need to follow the Straight and Narrow 

** Talent
- We each are given wonderful individual talents. The Play "Life" needs each of these 

**Act your part 
-You are a daughter of God Act well, Give "Life" all you have act  YOUR   part ! 

--People in "Audience" might throw "Rotten Tomatoes" (insults etc) at you for being righteous. Just ignore it and go on with "Life" 

** The Spot Light 
--You have a light on you the "Light of Christ". Act well and let it shine! 


* Name in lights 
Items needed (One for each girl) 
-White computer paper
-Black Construction paper 
-sewing pin
-Small light 
-Small Frame 

-Have girls write names in All Caps on the white paper 
-Then tape on to construction paper
-Then poke small holes into the paper with the sewing pin following the letters 
-Take white paper off the black paper 
-Put the black paper into the frame
-Put the small light behind the frame 

*Head shots 
-Have wards take pictures of Head shots of the girls print them in black and white 
-Have girls decorate frames to put the head shots in 

*Play bill Journal 
-Items needed 
--3 subject note books 
--Other scrapbook tools to make book fun 

-Title on cover  "Life": Our time On Stage
-(Divider 1) Act I- Premortal life -- Scripture quotes / Spiritual Experiences
-(divider 2) Act II - Present - Journal every day journal 
-(Divider 3) Act III - Future- Goals and wishes you see for your future 


Play some fun acting games