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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Temple Marriage Lesson Night

-Have people bring snacks

-Have 5-7 married (for 2 or more years) couples bring pictures of the Temple.

-Have each couple tell how the met and the proposal story

-Have a question panel - (a week before the activity have people write down questions and put them in a box. Then at activity have couples pick out questions and answer-- Make sure you approve that they are appropriate.)

-Teach about how to prepare to be worthy to Enter the Temple

-Talk about how to be happy by saving yourself for your spouse. The best wedding gift you can give is a pure or repented self.


- For a great handout get pass along cards with pictures of the temple

-- Have the couples go home and then have people write personal letters one to themselves and one to their future spouse. Put in envelopes and write "Do Not Open Until Wedding Day"

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