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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Temple Time Capsule

Make this with YW or YSA RS


-Tin Can washed ( food storage cans are great for this)
-Pictures of temples
-Nice markers
-White Fabric
-Talk from Prophet or other General Authority about purity and temple marriage

To Do

-Have girls decorate cans with pictures of the temple and name etc

-Have them Write on top of can "Do Not Open Until Wedding Day"

-Have everyone Write letters to self -- Write letters to future husband

-Put in a printed talk about temple marriage.

-Help girls sew a temple recommend holder

Put all items in can


-Have girls wear white and do a photo shoot and then put pictures in frame and add a quote about the temple. Have these outside the box to remind the girls to keep pure to go to the temple.

-Add pearl jewelry or other jewelry to the time capsule for girls to wear on their wedding day

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