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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Have a FunLympics (Olympics) 

Hula Hoop
;Guys do the girls make-up
;Jump Rope
; Cheer leader tryouts (Guys)
; Pie eating
;Bubble Blowing gum contest
, Root-beer chug-a-lug
: Manicure have girls do guys nails with clear nail polish.
; Piggy back race
; etc go to familyfun.go.com for more great games to add to FunLympics

Make cheesy Bronze, Silver and Gold medals by spray painting old CDS. 

Have Healthy Snacks and water or Gatorade during the events :) 

Seasons Photo Shoot

This would be fun to do for a date or hang out

Get clothes that match each season. 

Winter -Blues, Whites, Frosty colors

Spring- Light purple, pink etc 

Summer- Bright vibrant colors red, pink, blue etc

Fall- Browns, greens, oranges etc

Have make up and hair match the seasons. 

If available use a green screen and add background later. 

If you dont have a green screen (or even a green sheet to hang up) Then just have fun poses at a different location for each season. 

Winter- Cafe
Spring- Garden
Summer- Park or Beach or Lake
Fall- Woods, or Sport area 

For Green screen ideas( or have different colored sheets for background) 

Winter- Snow or blue
Spring- Flowers or Pink 
Summer- Sun or Red or Yellow 
Fall- Autumn Leaves or Dark green or Orange 

You could then go eat together after the pictures are taken. Load them up to your computer or get hour developing and check out your work.