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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Budget Night

This can be used to pass off Knowledge for Personal progress or Developing Talents for Activity Days.

-Have Lesson on budgeting and tithing

Then do this fun craft

*items needed
-clean empty jars (important to have top)
-scrapbook paper
-Modge Podge
-paint brushes

-make the jar a cute and individual bank by Modge Podging the inside and writing "names" Bank
- cut a coin slot carefully on the top of the jar
-let the jars dry upside down
-Optional -watch a movie or do another class while the jars dry
-when jars are dry flip them over and put the top on
-Take jars home and save money- don't forget to pay 10% tithin each week
-For a cute extra- Modge Podge a tithing reminder to the bank jar

Monday, April 16, 2012

Service "Story Time"

-Come together and create books (Some write the story line and others illustrate)
-Laminate pages and bind (Can do this at a school or office)
-When finished take the new books to a children's hospital
-Read to the kids
-When finished reading give books to the hospital to keep

Service "Yard and Cookies"

-Wear grubbies-- Bring Extra clothes
-Clean a yard together (Elderly, school, church etc)
-After finished with yard work change clothes and bake cookies together ( use store bought dough to make it faster)

-Make plates of cookies with a card to send to people that could use a friend or a better day

-Save some cookies for group

-After you deliver cookies chill together and watch a movie

(Do this activity in spring or winter so it is not too hot)

Service idea -Make cute hospital gowns for teens

Service idea
-Make cute hospital gowns for teens
-ask people to donate cotton fabric (With cool and mature patterns)
-Ask Hospital for gown patterns
-Sew Gowns together (Ask RS to donate machines) (sew for a couple of nights)
- After teen gowns are finished donate them to a children's hospital

--This would be a good service because teens either have to wear adult gowns that are too big for them or pediatric gowns that have kiddy material. It would be nice to give them something "Stylish" and their size to wear while they are dealing with the trial of being in a hospital. 

Rock Night

*Have a talk about one of the following
--Redeemer is rock of our salvation
--David and Goliath (Rocks Defeat giants/ Back up plans)
-Prayer Rock Poem
--Jaredites boat (Lit By rocks touched by lord

*Activity-- Make prayer rock ( Paint small smooth stones with "Prayer" or, "Child Of God" or "Rock of my Salvation", with picture of Christ)

-Wiseman foolish man #281
-Rock of ages #111
-O thou rock of our salvation # 258

-Choco rocks
- Cupcakes with fake rocks or cracked frosting 

October 6th "Mad Hatter Day"

-Alice in wonderland items
-crazy fabrics
-Streamers in crazy colors
-Tea party items
-Un-Birthday Cake
-Silly snacks
-Candy with weird names

-Dance to "Almost Alice" soundtrack and weird songs
-Play funny silly games
-Decorate cool hats (top hats and other simple hats can be found around halloween time in costume areas  or at dollar store) 

September 13th "Fortune Cookie Day"

-Order Chinese take out
-Buy A LOT of fortune cookies from dollar store
-Write funny fortunes on tiny pieces of paper 
-Watch a Chinese movie (Mulan, etc) 

August 13th "Lefthanders day"

-Do random games and activities using only left hand (Coloring, basketball etc)
-Celebrate true left hander's- pass out cupcakes 

Down Town Scavenger Hunt

Down Town Scavenger Hunt
-Have 3 teams
-Have list of items to get pictures of -- Planking, with costume people, with lions, at fort, by city gates, with horse etc

-Up load to computer have a judge choose what team has best pictures, winning team gets candy 

The picture suggestions are for my home town, but you can adjust them to fit any town or mall. 

Bar B Q

-Hangout, date or activity
-Get friends together
-Have a big Bar B Q
-Watch projected movie outside or play funny redneck games 

Backwards Day

-Hang out, date or activity
-Have people wear shirts backward
---Play games backwards
--Relay race (Run Backwards)
--Sorry (Play with pieces at home and get them to start)
---Three Course meal
--Soup, Salad 

"Dance Like A Chicken Day" May 14th

May 14th "Dance like a chicken day"

-Hang out or group date or YSA Activity
-Do the chicken dance randomly through hang out
-Eat chick-fil-a
-Play chicken fight
-Pin the feather on the chicken (Pin the tail on the donkey but chicken style)
-Chicken piƱata

"No Socks Day" may 8th

May 8th "No Socks Day"
-Have a party
-No socks allowed
-Wear Flip Flops
-Donate nice new socks to children hospital or shelter 

Silly Supper

Silly Supper
-Good for Aprils fool or for date or hang out
-Have plastic table cloth (Draw big circles on it for plates)
-Have smaller table cloths in middle to put courses on
-Dump each course in center of table no dishes allowed except serving utensils
-Put food in circles "Plates"
-Eat (Easy have normal silver ware-- extra fun use funny cooking utensils)
-After each course pull up small plastic table cloth and switch it for a new one and dump a new course in the middle.
-For extra fun dye food weird colors 

Fireside Activity

Fireside Date/hang out (Do on August 30th "National Marshmallow Roasting Day")
-Hobo Dinners
-What if game
-Wishes (each person write a wish on a piece of paper then throw it on to the fire) 

-For church do a fireside by the fireside

Game Night -Fun hang out or Date

Game Night
-Fun hang out or date
*Game Ideas
--Marshmallow challenge

Food Fight Fun

Food Fight
-Wear Grubbies (wear swimsuits underneath) bring extra clothes
-Go to a food stand and ask for expired and bruised fruit and veggies
-Go to a vacant field or some ones back yard.
-Have a food fight
-Take off grubbies and hose off while in swimsuits
-Change clothes and either go home or continue activity by watching movie etc

Service and fun day

Service and fun day
-Do a free carwash
-Then eat ice cream sandwiches together 

Simple last minute date, hang out, activity etc 

July 2nd World UFO Day

July 2nd World UFO Day
-Watch "Signs" and other alien movies
-Have UFO cupcakes (Turn cupcakes upside down and frost tops to look like saucers)
-Have slime drink (Soda with gummies and je-lo)
-Make tinfoil clothes for a joke and do photo shoot  

Kid Day

Kids Day
-Eat kid snacks
--Juice box
--gold fish
--lucky charms etc

-Play kid games
--Go to park
--Color in coloring books

Sundae Party

This can be used for anyone 
-Have a big Galloon of Ice Cream
-Have everyone bring their favorite toppings
-Line up items in order
--ice cream

-Have everyone make a sundae
-Extra have root beer for root beer floats
-Watch a movie while you eat sundaes 

Treasure Hunt (Hangout, date or activity)

Treasure Hunt (Hangout, date or activity)
-Make clues (4 colors and different order for each color), Hide clues and treasure before people come ( For clues have "stations" with 4color cards ) (If you are at a church you can do math clues for class room numbers and rhyming clues for areas like water fountain, kitchen, outside etc)

-When people arrive split them into four groups and assign colors
-Give them the first clue card in their group color
-Have them go out and search for their color clues
-At each station each group takes their color only
-Have a party at final destination
-Give out treasure

-To make this a spiritual activity have the clues be scripture quotes. At final destination have a guest speaker give a talk on "True Treasures"

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Carnival

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Carnival and Lessons for YSA or Youth Conference Day

*Activities (Do these rotation activities first then lessons)
--Mind-Puzzles, creative games, etc
-Body- Physical challenges, obstacle course, push up competition etc
-Heart- Service project, write letters to missionaries or family etc
-Soul- Scripture Chase, Guess that hymn etc

*Lessons (Do these 6 rotation lessons after the fun activities)
-Mind - A- "Keep your mind open for inspiration" B-"Learn in thy Youth"
-Body- A- "Modesty-Body is a temple" B-"Staying healthy and strong"
-Heart- A-"Hearts knit together in unity" B-"Love thy Neighbor as thyself"
-Soul- A-"Listen to the still small voice" B-"Divine Nature- Sons & Daughters of a King"

*End Speaker (Come all together for last speaker and testimony meeting)
-Speak on Zion- "One Heart one Mind" 

Hercules (Disney Version) Day

Can be used as a fun YSA or YWYM activity
-greek stuff
-Anything that looks like the movie
-Columns etc

-Greek Food
-Sports drinks with "Hercules" Labels

-Song "Go the Distance" How you can go the distance

-Hades= Satan - Be Strong and "Defeat" the "Monsters" He sends
(Monsters- pornography, drinking, drugs, immodesty, immorality, peer pressure etc)
(For fun show montage on movie of Hercules defeating Hades monsters)

-Become a true hero-
"A Hero Is not measured by size of strength but strength of heart"

-"Save the damsels" obstacle course (girls in middle of maze of rope, leaders can throw small squishy balls for extra fun, or do another obstacle course. Guys save girls in the middle.) Before game starts give each guy and girl partner a color. Take girls into center of maze first and then allow the guys to come into the room and "Rescue The Damsels" of their matching color.

-Monster training= Have a Monster ( over ripe Watermelon with face drawn on it) in the middle of the field. Give each person a chance to throw a big stick at it.   

-Watch pieces of the Disney Movie Hercules 

Dance Idea Theme- The show "Lost"

Dance Idea
Theme- The show "Lost"

-Fake crahsed airplanes
-Fake palm trees
-Lau Stuff 

-"Cups of Ocean"-
(Vanilla pudding dyed blue, with crushed graham crackers and gummy fish)
-Coconut smoothies
-Hawaiian kebobs
-Island Sundaes( Ice cream with- crushed vanilla oreos, coconut flakes and chocolate shaped shells.)

-Modest cast away Or Hawaii clothes

-Island music
-Lost theme song

YSA or Youth Conference Idea Theme - Lost No More

Theme - Lost No More

-Lehis Dream Project (Details on Blog)
-"Lost" Island dance (details on blog)
-Service - Make blankets for the "lost" (Homeless shelter or children's hospital)
-Scavenger hunt (Use scripture clues)
-Skit Night
(Use movies about lost things-Finding Nemo, Lost, Lost In Space, HomewardBound etc)

-Sheep, Coin, Son Parables- Each found people rejoiced- Lord rejoices when lost people are found.
- Patriarchal blessing is map for life so you are never "Lost"
-Lost? How to get back on the path
-With the lord we can find ourselves
-How to serve the "Lost" and bring them into the "Fold"

YSA or Youth Conference Idea Theme - Fishers of Men

Theme - Fishers of Men

*Fish Carnival
-Toy fishing
-Fish basketball (plastic fish into a bucket)
-Pin the fin on nemo
-Design a fish (Tissue paper craft)
-Toe fishing (Gross but fun- Have cooked spaghetti in bucket- hide plastic fish inside- have people fish out the toys with toes)
-Face Painting (Fish, mermaid make up, octopus etc)
-Finding nemo or other fishing movie projected on wall

-Fish Dinner
-Invite missionaries and their investigators
-Invite Bishopric/ Branch Presidency Families

*Bonfire Lesson 

-"I will make thee fishers of men"
-Finding "Fishing" For people
-Being a good missionary "Fisher Of Men"
-Schedule time and being patient (Fishermen prepare and are patient)
-Speak to a fisherman and about skills of fishing and how it applies to missionary work (patience, being in right places, using the right "bait" teaching, being quiet and still)

Value Photo Shoot

For young women activity to have nice pictures to decorate the room for each value month. 

-Have each girl wear a value color
-Do a photo shoot for each value
-Faith - White- Girl kneeling in prayer
-Divine Nature- Blue- Girl with crown, and sign behind "Daughter of a King"
-Individual Worth- Red- Girl showing a talent- dancing, singing, etc
-Knowledge- Green- Girl Reading
-Choice and Accountability- Orange- Girl in mall choosing modest clothes
-Good works- Yellow- Girl Serving
-Integrity- Purple- Girl choosing the right
-Virtue- Gold or ruby- All girls in front of Temple or picture of temple

*After pictures are taken put them in nice frames and use them every month to decorate the room. 

Indoor Picnic

-This is a fun simple common idea
Can be used for many activities

--Summer stuff
--Outside items
--Fake bugs, flowers etc
--Picnic Blankets
--Picnic Baskets

*Food (Eat together on picnic blankets then have a dance (optional) )
-Have people bring sack lunches
-Have extra individually wrapped snacks in a cute picnic basket (chips, gummies, etc)
-In cooler have small drinks (caprisun, gatorade, water etc but no soda)
-Dessert provided- "Cups of Dirt" (Chocolate pudding with crushed oreos &gummy bugs)

*Dress for dance
-Modest spring or summer clothes

*Activities to do before dance or instead of a dance
-Summer games inside
Ex freeze dance, jumping jacks competition, hula hoop, etc

July 9th- National Sugar Cookie day

This is a funny Holiday and can be used for any Group. 

-Make sugar cookies together (can have ready made dough from store or for extra fun make the dough together from scratch)

-Decorate the cookies
-Eat creations (Save a few)
-make plates to give to friends or Neighbors.

Starry Night

This can be used as a Knowledge activity for Young Women or a fun Activity, Date or hangout
-Learn about constellations
-Go outside and stargaze
-For snacks have food shaped like stars (Gummies, cookies, crackers, "Star Fruit")
(You can also use a star shaped cookie cutter to make anything shaped like a star)

-Craft Night Sky Paper
       -Black Paper
       -Paint brush
       -Galaxy pens or white crayon
       -White or silver glitter
       -Extra fun use "glow in the dark" pens, paint or glitter

       -Write name on back of paper
       -Draw a moon and other planets
       -Spread glue on paper in specific areas
       -Glitter page and then dust off extra glitter
       -Let page dry
       -Take page home You now have your own universe

-Extra activity watch a movie about galaxies, stars or a church movie about creation

Service at a Cemetery

Can be used as a service project for any age group

-Get grounds keeper permission
-Do early in the morning better for heat and you can see better
-Wear grubby clothes, long pants, gloves, goggles (optional)
-Got to a Cemetery and clean up weeds and dust off head stones
-Put flowers on graves of any realities or lonely head stones 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mud Day

This can be a fun and satisfyingly gross  date, party or hang out
 (do in the summer or spring for a fun way to cool off and be crazy)

-Make a pit of mud
-Ask people to wear swimsuits under grubby clothes
-Have people also bring towel and extra clothes for after for movie
-Have walmart bags for people to put muddy clothes in

-Cup of dirt (Chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms in a cup)

-"Mud Pies" (Chocolate oreo pies)
(For extra fun give each person a slice and say no hands allowed for eating it)

-"Muddy Water" (Chocolate milk in punch bowl with label "muddy water")

-"Stick of mud" (Fudgesicles/ for extra fun write on wrapping with permanent marker "stick of mud")

-"Muddy popcorn"- ( Popcorn covered with chocolate)

-Tug of war

-Relay race (Finish line in mud)

-Mud foot prints
 ( Put feet in mud then put foot prints on card board- set in sun and see how it dries
- write name by each foot print)

-Play in MUD

-foot fishing (At end hide plastic toys, and coins in mud- have people dig it out with their toes)

-After games are finished have people put grubbies in walmart bag (they should have swimsuits under) and hose everyone off

-Change into new clothes and either go home or watch a movie and eat some more snacks

Finding Nemo Dance

(Can become a hangout with watching the movie instead of having a dance)

-Blue Balloons
-Bubbles (blue and white paper cut in circles)
-Nemo Balloons
-Seaweed (Green streamers hung on wall from floor up vertically)
-Ocean waves (Blue and white streamers hung horizontally)

-Gold fish
-Finding Nemo Gummies
-Sweedish fish
-Sandwiches (Use a fish, star or seashell cookie cutter to make it cute)
-Under Sea cups ( Clear cups filled with gummy fish and blue jello)
-Ocean water (Blue Soda with label "Hawaii Water" or "Bahama Waves" etc)
-Chocolate shells

-Orange, white, blue or yellow shirt (Or any color from finding nemo)
-Any Finding Nemo Shirts
- Or Hawaii themed clothes

-Island Music
-Songs from Finding Nemo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lucky Penny Day (May 23rd)

This is a funny holiday from the internet

-Play Penny Games
--shoot pennies into a cup
-- hide pennies around and then have the people do a hunt

--chocolate coins
--tiny cookies with icing that says 1cent

-fun service
--have people bring extra change and donate it to a coin drop for Ronald McDonald House or Children's Hospital.