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Monday, April 16, 2012

YSA or Youth Conference Idea Theme - Fishers of Men

Theme - Fishers of Men

*Fish Carnival
-Toy fishing
-Fish basketball (plastic fish into a bucket)
-Pin the fin on nemo
-Design a fish (Tissue paper craft)
-Toe fishing (Gross but fun- Have cooked spaghetti in bucket- hide plastic fish inside- have people fish out the toys with toes)
-Face Painting (Fish, mermaid make up, octopus etc)
-Finding nemo or other fishing movie projected on wall

-Fish Dinner
-Invite missionaries and their investigators
-Invite Bishopric/ Branch Presidency Families

*Bonfire Lesson 

-"I will make thee fishers of men"
-Finding "Fishing" For people
-Being a good missionary "Fisher Of Men"
-Schedule time and being patient (Fishermen prepare and are patient)
-Speak to a fisherman and about skills of fishing and how it applies to missionary work (patience, being in right places, using the right "bait" teaching, being quiet and still)

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