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Friday, April 6, 2012

Finding Nemo Dance

(Can become a hangout with watching the movie instead of having a dance)

-Blue Balloons
-Bubbles (blue and white paper cut in circles)
-Nemo Balloons
-Seaweed (Green streamers hung on wall from floor up vertically)
-Ocean waves (Blue and white streamers hung horizontally)

-Gold fish
-Finding Nemo Gummies
-Sweedish fish
-Sandwiches (Use a fish, star or seashell cookie cutter to make it cute)
-Under Sea cups ( Clear cups filled with gummy fish and blue jello)
-Ocean water (Blue Soda with label "Hawaii Water" or "Bahama Waves" etc)
-Chocolate shells

-Orange, white, blue or yellow shirt (Or any color from finding nemo)
-Any Finding Nemo Shirts
- Or Hawaii themed clothes

-Island Music
-Songs from Finding Nemo

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