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Friday, April 6, 2012

Mud Day

This can be a fun and satisfyingly gross  date, party or hang out
 (do in the summer or spring for a fun way to cool off and be crazy)

-Make a pit of mud
-Ask people to wear swimsuits under grubby clothes
-Have people also bring towel and extra clothes for after for movie
-Have walmart bags for people to put muddy clothes in

-Cup of dirt (Chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms in a cup)

-"Mud Pies" (Chocolate oreo pies)
(For extra fun give each person a slice and say no hands allowed for eating it)

-"Muddy Water" (Chocolate milk in punch bowl with label "muddy water")

-"Stick of mud" (Fudgesicles/ for extra fun write on wrapping with permanent marker "stick of mud")

-"Muddy popcorn"- ( Popcorn covered with chocolate)

-Tug of war

-Relay race (Finish line in mud)

-Mud foot prints
 ( Put feet in mud then put foot prints on card board- set in sun and see how it dries
- write name by each foot print)

-Play in MUD

-foot fishing (At end hide plastic toys, and coins in mud- have people dig it out with their toes)

-After games are finished have people put grubbies in walmart bag (they should have swimsuits under) and hose everyone off

-Change into new clothes and either go home or watch a movie and eat some more snacks

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