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Monday, April 16, 2012

Indoor Picnic

-This is a fun simple common idea
Can be used for many activities

--Summer stuff
--Outside items
--Fake bugs, flowers etc
--Picnic Blankets
--Picnic Baskets

*Food (Eat together on picnic blankets then have a dance (optional) )
-Have people bring sack lunches
-Have extra individually wrapped snacks in a cute picnic basket (chips, gummies, etc)
-In cooler have small drinks (caprisun, gatorade, water etc but no soda)
-Dessert provided- "Cups of Dirt" (Chocolate pudding with crushed oreos &gummy bugs)

*Dress for dance
-Modest spring or summer clothes

*Activities to do before dance or instead of a dance
-Summer games inside
Ex freeze dance, jumping jacks competition, hula hoop, etc

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