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Monday, April 16, 2012

Starry Night

This can be used as a Knowledge activity for Young Women or a fun Activity, Date or hangout
-Learn about constellations
-Go outside and stargaze
-For snacks have food shaped like stars (Gummies, cookies, crackers, "Star Fruit")
(You can also use a star shaped cookie cutter to make anything shaped like a star)

-Craft Night Sky Paper
       -Black Paper
       -Paint brush
       -Galaxy pens or white crayon
       -White or silver glitter
       -Extra fun use "glow in the dark" pens, paint or glitter

       -Write name on back of paper
       -Draw a moon and other planets
       -Spread glue on paper in specific areas
       -Glitter page and then dust off extra glitter
       -Let page dry
       -Take page home You now have your own universe

-Extra activity watch a movie about galaxies, stars or a church movie about creation

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