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Monday, April 16, 2012

Treasure Hunt (Hangout, date or activity)

Treasure Hunt (Hangout, date or activity)
-Make clues (4 colors and different order for each color), Hide clues and treasure before people come ( For clues have "stations" with 4color cards ) (If you are at a church you can do math clues for class room numbers and rhyming clues for areas like water fountain, kitchen, outside etc)

-When people arrive split them into four groups and assign colors
-Give them the first clue card in their group color
-Have them go out and search for their color clues
-At each station each group takes their color only
-Have a party at final destination
-Give out treasure

-To make this a spiritual activity have the clues be scripture quotes. At final destination have a guest speaker give a talk on "True Treasures"

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