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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Carnival

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Carnival and Lessons for YSA or Youth Conference Day

*Activities (Do these rotation activities first then lessons)
--Mind-Puzzles, creative games, etc
-Body- Physical challenges, obstacle course, push up competition etc
-Heart- Service project, write letters to missionaries or family etc
-Soul- Scripture Chase, Guess that hymn etc

*Lessons (Do these 6 rotation lessons after the fun activities)
-Mind - A- "Keep your mind open for inspiration" B-"Learn in thy Youth"
-Body- A- "Modesty-Body is a temple" B-"Staying healthy and strong"
-Heart- A-"Hearts knit together in unity" B-"Love thy Neighbor as thyself"
-Soul- A-"Listen to the still small voice" B-"Divine Nature- Sons & Daughters of a King"

*End Speaker (Come all together for last speaker and testimony meeting)
-Speak on Zion- "One Heart one Mind" 

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