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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hercules (Disney Version) Day

Can be used as a fun YSA or YWYM activity
-greek stuff
-Anything that looks like the movie
-Columns etc

-Greek Food
-Sports drinks with "Hercules" Labels

-Song "Go the Distance" How you can go the distance

-Hades= Satan - Be Strong and "Defeat" the "Monsters" He sends
(Monsters- pornography, drinking, drugs, immodesty, immorality, peer pressure etc)
(For fun show montage on movie of Hercules defeating Hades monsters)

-Become a true hero-
"A Hero Is not measured by size of strength but strength of heart"

-"Save the damsels" obstacle course (girls in middle of maze of rope, leaders can throw small squishy balls for extra fun, or do another obstacle course. Guys save girls in the middle.) Before game starts give each guy and girl partner a color. Take girls into center of maze first and then allow the guys to come into the room and "Rescue The Damsels" of their matching color.

-Monster training= Have a Monster ( over ripe Watermelon with face drawn on it) in the middle of the field. Give each person a chance to throw a big stick at it.   

-Watch pieces of the Disney Movie Hercules 

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