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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Super Scripture Saturday

-Great for YSA or Ward Activity 
-Purpose is to read (not deeply study) the entire Book of Mormon from Start To Finish 
in one day 
-Bring comfy blanket and or chair to read in 

-Before activity have people sign up to bring food items for 
         -- Brunch
        -- Dinner
 (crock pot soups or meals, have it made but not totally cooked can cook while everyone reads, also bring extension cord so more people can cook at the same time) 
        -- Snacks 
       -- Extra drinks 

-Have everyone bring their own sack lunch. Provide coolers for people to put lunches in. 

-Have branch or Ward provide some drinks and paper supplies. 

-Have activity on a Saturday from 9am-11pm - (if you want you could start earlier but if you have this at a ward building you need to be out before midnight.) 

-Example Schedule 

9am - Welcome, Song, Opening Prayer, Explanation of activity and brunch
                      --Brunch= Doughnuts, fruit, breakfast wraps, milk and OJ etc 

10am-12pm Pray then READ 

12pm Pray on Lunch - Have picnic outside (if weather permits) and eat sack lunches. Have people who are doing crock-pot to have them start warming the food. 

1pm-5:30pm  Sing song to get back into spirit then READ 

5:40pm Set up dinner 

6pm DINNER - Line of crock pot meals. 

7pm Clean up everything but blankets and scriptures 

8pm-11pm Sing song to get into spirit READ 

11pm-11:30pm Clean last bit of items, pack up, Testimony by bishop or Branch Pres, Closing song and prayer. 

If you do this activity please share how it was. 

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