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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Heavenly Network

YSA conference or Youth Conference
Theme "The Heavenly Network" from the Social Network

-App posters (make posters look like app Icons)
-Fake iPad and iPhone etc

-Screen your screen time (New Era article)
- Virtual VS Reality (General Conference Talk)
-Apps = Application does not work unless you use it and apply it
             --Prayer -- Scripture -- Church etc

-Screen time vs Scripture time- (John Bytheway Challenge to turn off tv for an entire month)

-GPS App= Guiding Prompting Spirit- You only know where to go if you listen to the promptings

-"Friends" VS True Friends -- Have more reality friends than people you talk to online

-Use internet to serve - Indexing (Talk by David A Bednar)

-Use network to share gospel (Facebook mormon.org etc)

*Service Project
-Make "Busy Bags"
--donate canvas bags
--fill with coloring books, crayons, picture books and other quiet activities
--Donate them to the missionaries to give to new member families that have young children

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