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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life Is A Highway YSA or Youth Conference

-anything cars (pixar cars balloons etc)
-Road Signs with Scripture/Spiritual things
-Maps with spiritual city names and temples

-Fast food
-Rocky Road Ice Cream
-"Cups of Road"
--chocolate pudding
--with crushed chocolate Oreos
--Chocolate chips
--yellow sprinkles
--and cars gummies

-Snacks with Highway names
-Sandwiches cut in shape of cars (use cookie cutters)

-Scriptures- are like road signs - Signs and Warnings
-GPS - Guiding, Prompting, Spirit, (Holy  Ghost)
-Parts of a Car
--Wipers-Keep negative things out of sight and mind
--Lights - Be a light to guide
--Rear view mirror - Family History
--Locks - Keep the world out
--Spare tire - Be prepared , Food storage, family emergency etc

-Bumps in the road= Trials, may slow us down, make it hard to drive, but yolu can keep going
-Tickets,= Consequences
-Speed limits/ Guard Rails= Standards that if followed keep you safe.

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