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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Team Night

Play different games that must use all team mates to do.

-Obstacle course
-Relay Race
-Blind maze (some blindfolded team mates- other team mates are guides)
-Make dessert each person in team has 1 or 2 ingredients -- Can't make correct dessert without all the ingredients and working together to make it.

Have fun learning strategies to complete each task . Learn importance of each person. Find that each person has a strength.

At end of game night have fun snacks. or if you did dessert challenge eat the desserts.


  1. Great job at being so creative!

  2. Thanks :) planning fun things to do is one of my hobbies :)

  3. I'll have to keep your site in mind now that I'm in the Young Women's at church.

    1. Thats so exciting that your in YW :)
      Please share the blog with others who need ideas :) there is a whole section just for YW and Girls Camp and Hand Outs :)