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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dice Game Night

There are a lot of fun games that include dice.

Here are some Math Games to do with giant dice to help kids get excited about math.

--You can even make giant dice with throw away coolers or taped boxes.

Can be one player or have two kids or teams compete to get the answer

( For teams if they answer correctly they receive a  point if they answer incorrectly the other team can answer it)

-- Roll both dices and have kids add it.

--Have an alligator symbol or for extra fun a toy alligator
--Roll both dice have the child put the toy or symbol on the dice that has more

--Roll both dice have the children subtract the small number from the big number. (k-3 grades)
--same have them answer both ways adding the negative symbol (3-5)

-- Roll both dice and multiply

-- Roll both dice divide big number first (2-3)
-- same but have them do both sides (4-5)

*Middle and Highschool

--Have 4 or 6 # dice
-- Have symbol dice
-- Roll all and set up an equation and solve

*EXTRA after math games
-play a fun dice game -- monopoly, sorry, etc
-Have activities to do written on slips of paper in a list roll # and choose the activity that matches the number -- Young kids it can be do jumping jacks, touch your toes, get a piece of candy.
For teens, get snacks, play wii, ipod music, etc

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