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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dating Game Night

For Age 16 and Up Only :) 

Play a lot of fun dating games. Switch partners through out the date. (For fun have a blue bowl full of guy names and a red bowl full of girl names. Before each challenge or game pick the girl name and boy name. They are partners but only for that challenge or game. This makes it able to have everyone meet everyone and get to know them) 

** Make sure everyone has comfortable clothes and shoes for running around. NO Skirts. 

**For extra fun have a 2 candy bars or small prizes for each game to give to the winner. 


*Balloon obstacle course
--set up a obstacle course 
--Couples hold a balloon between them with their hands behind their back 
--They then go through the course. If they drop the balloon they have to redo that obstacle. 
--Use a stopwatch to time each team
--At end what ever team has the shortest time wins. 

*Licorice Lady and The Tramp Spaghetti game (need rope licorice or other long candy) 
-- FOR 18 yrs old and Up ONLY -- (Younger people can play this game by racing with no partner)
-- Each couple has one licorice. 
---They put one end into their mouth 
---then their hands behind their back. 
---They have to chew to the middle without touching the licorice with their hands. 
 (Just like in Lady and the tramp when they eat one spaghetti strand.) 
--The couple who reaches the middle first wins 

-Same as the good old fashioned twister 

*Couples relay race 
-Race challenges who ever finishes them all first wins 
-3 legged race 
(Tie all couples at starting line.  At finish line of challenge have them untie each others feet) 

--Girls on guys back 
(real piggy back ride or hold his shoulders and run depending on how strong the guy is)

- Guys wheel barrow 
(Girls hold guys feet and the guys run on their hands) 

-Shoulder crab race 
(Face partner and hold their shoulders and run side ways like a crab) 

-Partner Dance run 
(Hold each other like doing a slow dance, Dance to the end line) 

-Newly wed race 
(Guys pick up girl like they are crossing the threshold or hook arms and skip depending on how strong the guy is) ( Race to the finish line) 

*4  switch game (works better with large group but still fun with 6 people) 
- Three poses  
-- Monkey on back ( Piggy back or girl hugs his shoulders from the back if the guy has a bad back) 
-- Bird on a perch (Guy kneels and girl sits on his knee) 
--Power hungry (One person lays on tummy and other pretends to put their foot on them) 
-- Newly wed ( Guy holds girl in arms like newly wed, or big hug if guy is not strong enough) 

--- One couple is the Caller
---Music plays and then they stop it and call a pose 
--- The couples playing must hurry and get into that pose. Who ever is last losses or is out. 
--- Continue until one couple is left. Then to play again switch partners and winning couple becomes the caller. 


--You can play all games above and these when you have a big group.
 ( 8 or more of each gender you need at least 16 people total to play these games) 

*Kissing rugby 
-- this is a fun and can be brutal games
--If you have never seen it played you can look it up on YouTube 
--Here are the rules
--- No kissing lips only the face- Cheek or forehead(this is for safety don't want broken teeth) 
---can not put head down to avoid kiss can only move it side to side and up. (modesty and safety reason) 
--- No grabbing front of shirts (Modesty reason) 

--How to play 
--- Assign the girls letters and the guys #s. Make sure you have a list for both. If you have more than 26 girls assign shapes or colors but make sure you write them on your list. 

--- A person sits in the middle on a chair 
--- Then a # and letter or color/shape is called 

--If a girl is in the chair the guy running has to kiss the girl in the chair before the girl running kisses him. 

--If a guy is in the chair the girl running has to kiss him before the guy running kisses her. 

--What ever gender is kissed has to go in the middle and the other gender gets a point. 

-- So if a girl kisses the guy then the girls get the point. And the guy is now in the middle. 

--If a guy kisses the girl then the guys get the point, and the girl has to now be in the middle.

--Watching the YouTube video will help you understand. 

-Life Saver Game
-- Items needed 
---Tooth Pick 
---Life savers
** Instructions 
--Line people up boy girl pattern 
-- Each person gets a tooth pick to put in their mouth. 
--Then put hands behind back
--Give each team one life saver 
--Have to pass the life saver from one tooth pick to the next with out touching it.the team to get it to the last person first wins. (Extra challenge have the life saver have to come back to the first person) 

-Musical Guys
-- Just like musical chairs
--Except the guys are the chairs, they kneel on one knee in a big circle. 
--When the music stops the girls have to sit on his knee
-- For 18 and up extra challenge that when the girl sits on the guys knee she has to kiss him on the cheek. 

-Guess Who (For 18 and up) 
--One gender is blind folded 
--The other gender whispers into the ear "Guess who" in a weird voice
--They then kiss the blindfolded person, on cheek, lips or forehead
--Then take off blindfolds and they have to guess who kissed them with the kissers lined up in a line. (Make sure you're not standing in-front of the person you kissed cause that's too obvious) 

-Face guess
--One person is blind folded
-- and then a person goes up to them and says "who am I?" in a weird voice. 
-- The blindfolded person has to feel the speakers face to try and guess who they are. 

-Dance Party 
-- If you have a really big group have a dance after all the games. 

Have a fun time :) 

For extra fun have people bring their favorite snacks. 

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