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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flip Flop Decorating

There are many ways to give your flip flops a make over

-Have people bring their own flip flops- You can also have dollar store flip flops to sell for $2 

-Have people donate the following (Have a donation box, collect for 2 weeks) 
--Fuzzy Yarn
--Plastic flowers of different sizes
--Fuzzy craft pom pom balls 
--Puff Paint 

-Have people make their flip flops UNIQUE 

- Fabric flip flops
--Cut fabric into 6 inch long strips  need same amount for each flip flop 
-- The wider the fabric the fluffier the flip flop looks 
--Tie the fabric with a double knot with fray on top 
--After all straps are covered fluff up fabric and wear 

-Fuzzy yarn - Turn flip flops into slippers
-- Use door to measure yarn want yarn to be as tall as door
-- Cut 
--Then tie one end to toe part of flip flop. 
-- Wrap the yarn continually around one strap then tie at end
-- Do the same with all four straps
-- fluff up yarn and wear your cute new slippers

-Plastic Flowers 
--For big flowers hot glue matching flowers to the top of the toe piece on each flip flop  
--For small flowers you can make a cute pattern or a crazy design all along the straps. 

-Fuzzy craft pompom balls
--Make fuzzy slippers by hot gluing or craft gluing pompoms all along the straps 

-Puff Paint
--Make fun designs on strap 
-- For a fun tickly sensation on your feet do big and small dots on where your foot goes

For all wet projects make sure everything completely dries before wearing flip flops. 

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