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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mom and Daughter Beauty Day Inside and Out

Have moms and their daughters come for a nice lunch or Dinner

-Then have lessons about inner beauty. 
-How are you and your mom similar ? Personality talents
-What personality do you have?
-What makes you beautiful? Talents, faith etc 

Outer beauty activities 
- Have hair stations
-- Up dos 
-- Fun clips for little girls 

-Have spa stations 
--Face masks

-Have make up station 
--Have tables set up by Age 
--- Teens 
--- Adults 
--Have each station show make up techniques appropriate for that age. 

-Have a craft station
--Make Bracelets 
--Decorate Small frames
-- Decorate photo book 
-- etc 

-Have a photo booth 
--Have fun accessories like boas, funny sunglasses, wigs etc 
-- For extra fun have Polaroid cameras so it can be developed right then 
--If Polaroid is not available get the pictures developed at walmart 

-Have another short activity a week after for people to get their developed pictures and have light snacks 

-To have a really fun memory have someone that's
 part of the planning committee to be the 
"Camera Girl." Have her take videos and pictures during the activity. Then have her edit and make a movie and slide show. Show the movie at the second activity. 

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