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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mulan Camp

"Duty To Our Hearts and God"

Level themes and Colors

1) Crickey - Purple
2) Dragon - Orange
3) Mulan - Red
4) 3 Warriors - Blue
YCL Horse- Black

Leaders - Emperor- White

- Mirror with quote
-Chinese Flower Hair Clips

-Obstacle Course
-China Make up
-Thai Chi

-The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all (trials make us strong)

-Learn about your ancestors - Family History

- Reflection song
--Act like Christ and you will see the spirit and light inside

-Lesson #1 -
--Balance in Life
--Hard and Soft
--Strong and Kind

- Be a girl worth fighting for
--Worthy to go to Temple

- Duty to your heart
--Follow inspiration
--Seat goals for dreams

- Pole scene "How to reach the arrow" "need discipline and strength"
--Need both to reach top
--need these to reach our goals

-"Please bring Honor To us All"
-- How can you give your family honor?
-- Righteous living
-- Do people know you are a Mormon? Bring honor to your church.
-- Bring Honor to Family, Church but most importantly Your God.

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