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Monday, March 5, 2012



Each Year is A type of Car from Pixar "Cars"

1st- Guido (little blue car)

2nd- Luigi (Yellow Car)

3rd- Ramón (Cool car that has all the paint jobs)

4th- Flo (Girl who helps everyone -Married to Ramón)

YCLs - Mater (Tow Truck)

Leaders - Sally (Blue Porsche)

Priesthood- Lightning McQueen (Red Race Car)


--Holy Ghost is the one who keeps us on the path

--How Fast Are you going in life?

--Speed Limits - Are you following the laws of Safety (Chastity) or are you getting tickets (Consequences)
--Sometimes take the back road and slow down and listen to the earth and the Spirit

--When temptation is in the road STEP ON THE BRAKE Never go into temptation or satans traps.

-Review Mirrors
--Keep a Journal
--Do Family History Work
--After repentance a sin in your past will become a fuzzy dot in your review mirror.

--Card board car race (People stand in card board cars and run for race)
--Pine Wood Derby
--Watch the Movie Cars for an IceCream movie social

--Decorate a car
--Decorate a Journal (Add mirror on front cover to go with Devotional)
--Make a pillow that looks like a car (link for tutorial

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