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Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Born Kits

Come together and make new born kits together. Ask people to donate the following items. Then when finished making donate them to a shelter or to someone who can take them to another country. 

New Born Kits

Use Canvas  bags to put the following items in. 

Contents (NEW items only, size 3-9 months)

  • 2 gowns/sleepers (flannel or similar warm, soft material)

  • 2 undershirts/onesies (short or long sleeves)

  • 4 cloth diapers (flat-fold preferred)

  • 1 receiving blanket (lightweight fleece or flannel; minimum 36 in)

  • 6 safety pins(2 in)

  • 2 large bar mild soap(leave in wrapper) or travel size baby wash

  • 3 pair of socks

  • 1 cap


When you make the kits watch a movie then after kits are finished. 

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