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Friday, October 19, 2012

"Life is A Highway" Dance

* Decorations 

- Anything with the Pixar Movie "Cars" or "Cars 2"
- Speed Limit ZERO sign "No one is taking it too fast"
- Funny map posters 
- Stop signs and other signs with different quotes
- Anything red yellow or green
- Make a road on the floor, with lines and dashes 


-Fast food
-Rocky Road Ice Cream

-"Cups of Road"
--chocolate pudding
--with crushed chocolate Oreos
--Chocolate chips
--yellow sprinkles
--and cars gummies

-Snacks with Highway names
-Sandwiches cut in shape of cars (use cookie cutters)
- Road trip snacks - trail mix, Twizzlers etc


Casual wear shirt to match your status 

-Red - Stop I'm Taken

-Yellow- Its Complicated (kinda talking to someone but I'm open for new things) 

-Green- Go I am single and ready to mingle 

-Black- Just cruising down the Highway not looking for anyone at this time 


-Make up a line dance to the song "Life is A Highway" and teach it at the dance 

- Also if possible get the sound tracks for Pixar Cars and Cars 2 and other racing movies Herbie etc 

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