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Monday, March 12, 2012

YSA Conference Class ideas

Class Ideas for YSA Conference (Can be Used For Youth Conference as well if modified to fit age group)

E- Separate classes have one for each gender
M- Mens Only Class
W-Womens only class
B- Have Class Together

*Classes and Lessons

--Faith and Hope (B)

-Becoming "The Right One" (E)

--College Skills(B)
--- Cooking (Easy Recipes)
--- Sewing
--- Cleaning tips (How to organize etc)
---Note taking skills

--Personal Finance (B)
---learn how to avoid dept
---Set up a budget
---Tips on using a register

--Modesty and Body Type (W)

--Clean Look (M) 

--Armor Of God (B)
---Putting on full armor of God
---We are in a spiritual battle/ war
---Never put your guard down

**Health Classes (Look at idea "Health Day" for other Ideas)
-Mental (B)
-Spiritual (B)
-Emotional (E)

--Divine Heritage (E)
--Recording Life (B)
---Journal Writing etc

--What Guys Wish Girls Knew And Visa Versa
--- Have two bowls with questions (one pink - questions from guys to the girls, one blue- questions from the girls to the guys)
---Listen to the talk by Curtis Jacobs
---Have an extra bowl for extra questions to the Branch Presidency or Bishopric

You can add more classes these are just a few ideas

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