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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tie Dye Day

Can Be used for any age group. Have people invite many friends

-Tell everyone to wear grungy clothes and bring a towel
Optional extra-- bring a casual outfit for dinner

-Have everyone bring something they want to tie dye (White shirts or even white laces)
-Or bring a shirt that has a bleach mark and do color removing
(Tie shirts and dip in bleach has cool effect)

-Have buckets of dye with color tags

-Have two buckets of bleach

-Have everyone dye their items and then put in a trash bag with name tag

-Then wash hands and play water balloon volley ball and other silly water games

You can go home after this or you can have dinner together 

-dry off and change and get ready for dinner

-Then have dinner with dyed foods
(Like blue spaghetti, and sprinkles cake etc/ Make rainbow bread)

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