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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Our Time On Earth" Girls Camp

Theme "Our Time On Earth"

Level themes

1st- 50s (Elvis, Grease, poodle skirts etc)
2nd- 60s(peace signs, tie dye etc)
3rd- 70s (disco, sparkles etc)
4th - 80s (neon, michael Jackson, techno, big hair etc)
YCLS- Futuristic (robots, techno,sci fi, etc)
Leaders- 40s ( WWII, black and white movies etc)


-Family History
--what it is
-- the importance

-"Travel In Time"
--Pioneer stories (past)
-- recent YW Conference talk (present)
--Write down goals an dreams (Future)

-Learn about "Moms" and Moms Time
--have camp mom tell spiritual stories of their past
--Have moms send letters to daughter (have moms write about their daughters life and how they have seen them grow. Also have them write their testimony)

-"Making History"
--What will you be "Remembered" for
--Write in journal what you want people to say you have accomplished

-"Past Present and Future"
--"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift that is why it is called the present" (have this on a card with tiny gift sticker)

--journal writing is important to remember the past
--Present (What are you Doingnwith yor time each day?)
--future(Goals, give time for each girl to write a letter to her future self. Have each ward have a box. Put letters in time box. Do not open till the next year on the Sunday before girls camp)

-Moments that matter most
--Exerpt of talk "Things That Matter Most".

-Make and keep goals
--Talk about the format of setting goals

-Wasting time VS Spending time
--What do you do with each day?

-Make Time For The Templ
--Go to every temple trip you can

*Craft Ideas
-Modge Podge Journal
-Temple Time Capsules
-Watch Bracelets (extra $5)

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