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Friday, March 2, 2012

Our Happily Ever After (Girls Camp theme etc)

This is a long post but it has many pieces for a Girls Camp Theme

"Our Happily Ever After"

Level Colors & Characters

*1= Purple - Rapunzel ( New in the world)

*2= Orange- Gisele ( Exploring New World)

*3= Pink- Aurora ( Still exploring)

*4=Green- Tiana ( Almost Daters)

*YCL= Blue- Cinderella (Workers)

*Camp Moms and Leaders =White or Red - Belle

*Priesthood= Brown- Beast

Decoration Ideas 
- Make posters or have cut outs of
--Frog prince


"Daughter of A King" Wooden Plaques

"Castle" Frames ( Decorate frames then put a picture of temple inside)

"Princess in Training" T-shirts

Rapunzel Lanterns

Bracelet Idea - Get At R&Rs receive charm for bracelet, at devotionals receive big bead, activities receive small bead. At the end of camp receive a clamp to connect and finish bracelet.

Title Ideas

*Do not kiss frogs

*Uchtodorf "Happily Ever After" = Opening Talk

*Modest and Beautiful Princess

*"Golden Heart is Crowning Glory" (Princess Diaries Song) -(Attached)

*Temple is a castle of the Lord (Faith)

* Don't Judge a beast by his fur

* The world Heavenly Father Created is better than any Fairy Tale Land

*You are Divine and Royal by birth (Divine Nature)

*You are an Individual daughter of God full of worth (Individual Worth)

*Virtue better than jewels and Castles (Virtue)

*Value your YW values

*Your "Prince Charming" is out there. Be the BEST You! (Choice and Accountability)

*Be loyal to royal with in (Integrity)

*Truly Know who You Truly Are (Knowledge)

*Serve all those In Heavenly Fathers Kingdom (Earth) - (Good Works)
( Idea to have each year teach a night devotional that goes with their theme)

Rapunzel= The world is a new and exciting place, be careful how you explore it. Look toward the light, and become your own light. (Can fit 2 devotionals from this one story)

Giselle= The world Heavenly Father Created is better than any fairy tale. Be in the world but not of the world. (Can separate into 2 lessons.)

Aurora= Do not sleep your life away. Arise and Shine Forth

Tiana= Do not go around kissing frogs. Save your kisses for the true prince.

Cinderella= Hard Work and Faith Help you in life. "We Can Do It,  HE Will Help."

Belle= Be kind do not judge

Beast= Priesthood leaders- Strong and have gentle hearts, and are worthy. 

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