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Friday, March 2, 2012


-Fun random activity to do in the summer
-Everything outside, wear grubbies - Bring change of clothes

**Extra if you do extra activity have people wear swimsuit under grubbies and bring towels and change of clothes 

** Activities

- Watermelon toss ( See how far you can throw a very ripe watermelon watch it explode)

-Whip Cream fight (Have cans of whip cream have a battle)

- Spaghetti toe fishing( Have kiddy pool filled up with spaghetti and fake bugs. Have people fish out fake bugs with toes :P )

- Water balloon fight do Guys VS Girls

-Paint something for a service project before activity.


Have this activity in a neighborhood or house that has a pool. Have people wear swimsuit under paint clothes. Then after messy day have people hose off and take off paint clothes and jump in pool with their swimsuits. 

Then after swimming change into casual clothes and go home 

Have Fun ! 

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