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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blind Fold Day

Have 10 activities to do while blind folded

Before the activity starts hand out blind folds and have people personalize their own. Can get sleeping masks or black fabric. Have people write their name and what ever else they want on it. Split into groups have one leader for each group.

Activity Ideas

-obstacle course
-Guess Who (have one person stand in front of the blind folded person. The tester feels the face of the other person and tries to guess who it is.)

-Senses Stations
* What's that? Have 5 things to touch for tester to touch and guess what it is

* do you know the sound? ( Have a cd,tape or iPod with recorded sounds have an assistant push play and record testers guesses)

*smell and taste
( have three assistants. First gives tester food. Second holds scent to testers nose. Third records the guesses of the tester. Examples eat apples while smelling onion powder tester believes apple is an onion. Or eat skittle while smelling mint tester will believe it is a chewy peppermint. Etc just keep your mind open and test before you do the food and scent at the activity.)

-Colring table (have crayons set up in buckets. Have entire table covered with butcher paper. Let people color while blind folded. Replace paper for each group.

-cookie decorating give each person a cookie on a plate. Have frosting, sprinkles etc in bowls.
Have people decorate cookie while blind folded. Then have people eat creations(if they want to)

-pin the tie on the missionary (make a poster of face and torso of missionary have ties to tape on or missionary tags or both :) )

-Eat lunch or dinner with everyone blind folded except waiters. Being blindfolded intensifies the taste of the food :)

-EXTRA At end have someone speak on being blind to temptation and how to open our eyes and hearts to the Holy Ghost.

Ok that's all hope it all makes sense if not please comment :) if you like the idea please comment :)

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